Abbey is where Cecilia was first shown in Wild Arms .

Since she was turning 17 soon , she was supposed to be happy , but since she had a vision caused by Schtudark ( Water Guardian ) , she was thinking about it all the time .

Item she possesses which is important gift from her family is Teardrop . She enters the Sealed Library by using it .

Since Cecilia is sorcerer , she uses spells like Healing , Flame , Pressure , Shield and similar ...

Boss she fought in library was Nelgal - the keeper of the book. She got the item while fighting him named "Aqua Wisp" that is used to summon Schtudark [also called material].

Msg that is shown in the end of her prologue :

"By heeding the Guardian`s call , she joins the great wheel of destiny as it turns toward the unforeseeable future . Everyone starts off by following , but eventually there comes a time when everyone must choose their own path . The path this girl has chosen , by answering the Guardian`s call will be fraught with danger ... Will she find her way through ? "

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