The Abyss is a place that holds the strongest monsters in all Filgaia. Accessible often through sometimes unconventional means, such as the Elw Pyramids malfunctioning in Wild Arms and Wild Arms Alter Code: F, for example. The Abyss is one of the largest dungeons in the game, as in Wild Arms 3 and Alter Code: F, it is 100 floors deep.

It notably is the place that is the home to the King of the Monsters, Ragu O Ragula, who is always found at the very bottom of the Abyss's depths.


In Wild Arms 1

  • Crawly
  • Euronome
  • Gamizine
  • Ghostrider
  • Gigaflame
  • Gigafrost
  • Largon
  • Urunge
  • Wojanoid


  • Ragu Ragla

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