Alone the world

Alone the world: Wild Arms Vocal Collection


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alone the world is a Wild Arms vocal arrangement album.


This is the first arrangement album of the Wild Arms series. It is a vocal arrangement, with all songs sang by Kaori Asoh and composed by Michiko Naruke. Wild Arms Vocal Collection is commonly treasured and praised amongst fans of Naruke and Asoh. Most of these tracks are from Wild Arms 2, the only Wild Arms game to contain a large variety of vocal tracks. A majority of these tracks are extended from their original version, and a few are completely new.

Track listing

  1. Lullaby (from Wild Arms)
  2. You'll Never Be Alone No Matter Where You Go (from Wild Arms 2)
  3. The Night Sky (from Wild Arms 2)
  4. Resistance Line (from Wild Arms 2)
  5. The One I Want to See Most (from Wild Arms 2)
  6. Don't Worry, Just Believe (from Wild Arms 2)
  7. Zephyrs's (from Wild Arms 2)
  8. Advanced Wind (from Wild Arms 3)
  9. Sky High! Fly High!! (from Wild Arms 3)
  10. Only the Night Sky Knows (from Wild Arms 3)
  11. Wings (from Wild Arms 3)
  12. CONTINUOUS (from Wild Arms: Twilight Venom)
  13. alone the world
  14. distance (from Wild Arms: Twilight Venom)

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