• Age: 24
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 166 cm
  • Meaning: Traitors to country

The strategist and assassin of Odessa's Cocytus. Years ago, during the Slayheim Liberation War, her family (whose last name was revealed to be Victoria) was killed for having ties with the Slayheim Royal Family. She managed to survive, however, and has since hated Vinsfeld with a passion. Deeming herself unable to kill him herself, however, she instead opted to join him in his crusade for world domination, and did everything in her power to make Vinsfeld fall in love with her.

When ARMS fought and killed her, she declared a completion to the revenge she had planned for so long: by having the ARMS kill her, Vinsfeld was robbed of the one thing he wanted the most. Perhaps due to her true "allegiance", Antenora hates needless killing. She wields deadly threads in battle, attaching them to her enemies and firing powerful energy along them. It is suggested that these threads have some kind of fortune-telling power as well, as Vinsfeld mentions her using them to get information.