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Jack, Cecilia and Rudy confronting Lady Harken in the castle.

The sister Kingdom of Adlehyde had its throne here. Jack (formerly Garrett) Van Burace used to live in the Castle as a Fenril Knight (the Vambrace) along with several other members, notably the sword princess, Elmina Niet (later Lady Harken of the Quarter Knights). Mother's coccoon was kept here for safety reasons. Somehow, this information leaked, because Zeikfried and Alhazad attacked the castle to retrieve the coccoon approximately 10 years before the story of Wild ARMs 1.

Following the attack, the knights died, and Jack was able to escape through Elmina locking him out of the castle and going to face Alhazad alone. This is how Elmina became Lady Harken. Jack's sole purpose for power is because of his failure to protect Elmina at this moment. 

The castle falls into disrepair until Lady Harken, guilty of her past sins and continually morphing back into Elmina, reopens it and waits alone for Jack to rescue her. The trio return here following Jack's inability to rescue Harken at the Pandemonium castle. Jack battles her alone, and wins, exercising the demon from Elmina and returning her to normal. Elmina unfortunately dies in the process, but Jack learns to protect the ones whom he loves, rather than to protect for power. At this moment, the Lion Idol shatters, bringing the guardian of Courage, Justine back to spectral form. 

The castle is abandoned there after.


  • Durahan
  • Flurity
  • Ghoul
  • Hopedia
  • Nemesis
  • Roar
  • Wiseman


  • Lady Harken

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