Axel Sonics from Rapid Reload

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Weapons: Hand Cannon, Wind Cutter, Electel, Fireball Cannon
  • Equipment: Grappling Hook, RAD Skates, Jetpack
  • Voice Actor: Kazuki Yao (Gunner's Heaven only)

Rapid Reload / Gunner's Heaven

Axel is the 'male lead' of the game, and, like Rita Hetfield attacks with an assorted array of various weapons (some of which turn into tools or weapons for the Wild Arms series). He's the serious and brash 'young hero' archetype, seeking to keep the Valkiry stone out of the hands of the Pumpkin Head Gang. He's clearly in love with his partner (expressly stated in the end), but any affection she has seems to be fixated on the Valkiry stone.

His character model, with some slight modifications, would be used for Rudy Roughknight in Wild Arms.

Wild Arms 2

Axel, along with his partner Rita, have opened up a saloon within the town of Damzen. He comments on life as an adventurer as your party talks to him.

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