Series Wild Arms TV
Debut S01E04 The Faluna Bible

Bado appears in the fourth episode of Wild Arms Twilight Venom. At the start of the episode he is the chief librarian at the famous library of Libra but is relieved of duty when he sets fire to the library. When questioned about why he set fire to the library he would only say that it was to protect the library; many assumed he had gone senile and Yusis became the acting chief. Sheyenne Rainstorm and company ended up freeing him from his imprisonment at Libra in order to help them find the Faluna Bible and to see if a rumored charred body was actually Sheyenne's missing body. Bado proved to be quite an eccentric old man and stated plainly the fact that he cares more about books than he does people and also forced Sheyenne's party to re-organize a hallway of books before helping them.

It turns out the truth was that some mysterious people replaced six of the Libra monks with monsters and tried to kill Bado for possession of the Faluna Bible -- the monsters in question were weak to fire so he thought that setting the library blaze would be the only way to survive and keep the Faluna Bible safe. He had actually been holding onto the Faluna Bible the entire time. The body Sheyenne was interested in turned out to be one of the monsters that had attacked Bado months prior. Yusis revived it in an effort to find the location of the Faluna Bible since Bado was not revealing it to him. In the end Bado used the Faluna Bible to distract the monster away from the library and was burnt to ashes along with the monster. After the whole ordeal Bado decided to start training Yusis seriously as his replacement and told him to prepare for a long training session on the proper order of books in the library.

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