Barbados in Alter Code: F

Barbados is a Golem who appeared in the Wild Arms game series and his remake Wild Arms Alter Code: F.

Wild Arms


During the festivities of the Ruins Festival that takes place in Adlehyde, Diablo is presented during the exhibition, at his booth he is described as the weapon on its shoulders ia a fire device, hard arms remind one of some indestructable for

tress, encontrado em escavações em Ocean of Sand

Height:62 feet (w/o weapon)

Weight:210 Tons

After being robbed by the demons during the attack on Adlehyde on the day of the Ruins Festival, he remains without appearing most of the time, however it is possible to find him in the desertic region of Filgaia and even face it.



Experience Gella Drops Weak
42500 24000 3890 Nothing Evil
Attack Description
Basic Attack Hits 1000 damage
Spells Acid Missle, Linear Rail Cannon, Land Master, Geo Storm
  • Drop: Dist Dims
  • Trickster: Bullet Clip

Wild Arms Alter Code: F


Barbados in Alter Code: F

Electromagnetic cannon with hidden gun parts . It was also used as a communication with New Moon - ultimate weapon that shoots beams of lightning which is hardly defeated ( can be found in desert ). Also weapons used about 1000 years ago along with Lolitha and other Golems


Barbados received a major overhaul in it's design for Wild Arms Alter Code: F, going from a twin barrel green tripod Golem to the legless yet humanoid version in the screenshot.