Wild Arms 1

A village of people who choose to live with the earth. They prefer the old Elw ways as opposed to the Guardian religion Curan Abbey was teaching.

Wild Arms 2

Baskar exists in Wild Arms 2 as the home village of Tim Rhymless. They follow the tradition of worshiping the Guardians and carry out human sacrifices (Pillars) to "empower" the guardians.

Wild Arms 3

The Baskar are a tribe of people who are strongly in tune with the Guardian Spirits of Filgaia. The party member Gallows Caradine is a member of this tribe, though he is unconvinced of the importance of the guardians. They are highly reminscent of Earth's indians.

It is interesting to note that there is a stone formation in the middle of the village which is an exact copy of the one in Wild Arms 2, albiet covered by soil.

Wild Arms 4

The Baskar only get a brief and passing mention as people who used to populate what is now known as an Abandoned Village.

Wild Arms 5

The Baskar are a group of Veruni that have embraced Filgaia. Though they are tentatively neutral in the conflict between the Radicals and Moderates of their race, the Baskar ultimately choose to side with Dean Stark and his group in an effort to save everyone.

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