Male and female Berserkers.

The Berserker is a Character Class from the Wild Arms XF game.

Class Description

The Berserker is one of the general classes available to the player after completing Act 2-3. The Berserker can move a great number of spaces at a time but only in a single direction; they are also quite powerful. Their prowress in movement can lend be useful for sending out an attacker ahead of the rest of the party to deal with an enemy unit; they can also reverse direction and go back to help a party member in a hurry if needed.

The Berserker class equips Spears as weapons and Headgear for armor. Headgear decreases the damage of Formation and Combination Arts inflicted on the wearer.

Original Commands

Original Commands are techniques that can be used in battle provided the needed requirements are met.

Command Description MP Cost
Charging Thrust Attacks a unit in a straight line from the user; the more distant the target, the stronger the attack. Cannot be used after moving 12
Sonic Boom Attacks all units on either side of a straight line. However, units at a significantly different height are not effected. Cannot be used after moving and can only be used when a spear is equipped. 12
Quick Step Increases MOV and CLM5. 8
HP Burst Triples the user's HP if successful, but reduces the HP to zero if it fails. 4

Personal Skills

These skills activate automatically for units in the Berserker class. When enough CSP is gained these skills can also be equipped by the unit even when it switches to a different class. The special skill is a special skill learned when the class is mastered.

Skill Description
Berserker OC Allows the unit to use Berserker Original Commands
Move and Heal MP Recovers MP after moving.
Penetrator Allows thrown weapons to pass through obstacles.
Berserker EQ Allows the unit to equip Berserker equipment.
EXP Up Increases EXP gained after a battle.
MOV up Increases the unit's MOV parameter by 1.
Special Skill Description
Valiant Increases the strength of attacks based upon the amount of HP lost.
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