Boot Hill entrance

Boot Hill is a town in Wild Arms 3, and is the hometown of Virginia Maxwell. While Virginia's prologue begins there, just before she goes to the Gob's Hideout, the player cannot access this area until a later chapter.


The place is home to Pearl Maxwell, the village is known to have always been graced by peace and tranquility, however this changed when the village was invaded by demi-humans from neighboring settlement. The life she and the locals knew had ended that day, but in a way it also marks the beginning of her journey.



The Hob-Gobs invaded the place looking for food. Tesla tries to stop them, but ends up being beaten and humiliated. Having eloquently made his point, the boss decides to leave, taking all of the valuables with him. And even debauch of the city for not having much to offer calling them all poor. When the Hob-Gob leaves, Testla realizes that Pearl will not be there. Instinctively, he knows she will be causing further trouble. Pearl was on the lookout for the thugs in the expectation of finding their hiding place and recovering what was stolen from them.

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