CABAL is the name of the Council of Elder Statesmen leading Brionac. Their appellation is an acronym of their respective given names, High Minister Clifford (red armor), Councilman Arlington (green armor), Councilman Buckingham (yellow armor), Councilman Ashley (blue armor), and Councilman Lauderdale (purple armor). The screenwriters of Wild Arms 4 took inspiration for their names from the real-life Cabal Ministry of 17th century Europe. They are always situated in the Onyx Room at Brionac's base, Garra de Leon throughout the first half of the storyline.

After Yulie Ahtreide has been captured halfway through the game, the Council reveals to Lambda Zellweger what they call the Future Conception Project: the Council's ultimate ambition to gain immortality and rule Filgaia by giving Yulie a lobotomy and using her ability to interact with ARMs to use the Divine Weapon, which was intended to repair to the planet's environment, on their own bodies. After learning of the Council's true objective and how far it strayed from the democratic ideals of the Congressional Knights, he decries the Council and has his authority suspended. He informs the remaining members (Farmel Arianrhod, Augst Henriksen, Kresnik Ahtreide) of the Council's intentions and stages a coup, murdering the Cabal himself, becoming head of the Congressional Knights and joined by the only remaining members of Lambda's Elite, sans Kresnik.