Captain Bartholomew' is something of an enigma: He's loved by his crew, hopelessly romantic, courageous and generous.. Yet he also is easily flustered, blustering, apparently horrible at naming things and a bit of a lecher as he likes girls of "around" 18 years old.

The party first meets him drowning his sorrows in Port Timney since he's not up to getting the Crystal Bud out of the Maze of Death. A must have for his dream wedding. When they retrieve it ensuing events include a mock-wedding to Cecilia at his ship Sweet Candy. The better you do here, the better the reward you'll get.

He's encountered again in Ship's Graveyard where he's having issues with a Ghost Ship.

Throughout the adventure he'll be of aid to the team and a guinea pig for a craft devised by Emma. Needless to say that this is enough to make him think twice about things.

Wild Arms 5

While the WA5 iteration of Captain Bart shares his name with the original, he is markedly different in appearance, personality, and role in the story. This Bartholomew is head of the moderate faction of the Veruni, and while he also captains his own ship, his is the Mayflower, a ship that sails through the sky rather than the sea. His faction is looking for the Ice Queen just as the radical faction is, although with differing and more noble intentions.


  • Captain Bartholomew owns the ship known as the Sweet Candy
  • His rival is Captain Drake who mocks him at every turn, but has far less courage.
  • Captain Bartholomew is rather short, according to dialogue, yet his character model is the same height as the other sailors.
  • Olivia Clare is his fiancée's name, though it's likely she only exists in his head
  • He wasn't impressed by Zed's arrival