Coordinates X:
BGM Shadow Territory (MK)
Areas 13
Bosses Earthbound Spirit
Jeremy Non (first time)
Tools Bombs
Items/Consumables Duplicator (x10)
Previous Area Port Rosalia
Next Area Great Stairway

Celesti Ruins is a dungeon in Wild Arms 4 that lies northeast of Port Rosalia. It is during this level that further exposition is given of the history of this game's version of Filgaia, specifically the war that transpired over a decade prior to the events of the game. Storywise, Celesti Ruins happens to have been a town that fell victim to that war. The majority of random encounters in this dungeon are with Undead monsters.

Wild Arms 4


The player party passes through this location en route to the White Orphanage as Jude pursues answers about his inborn status as a Gene Driver. Arnaud gives Jude an exposition on the war between two political parties that ravaged Detonator's version of Filgaia and left the setting very desolate to the present day. After exorcising the Earthbound Spirit, Yulie shares the direction of her life in between leaving the White Orphanage and being kidnapped and taken to Ciel Shelter. The group is attacked by Jeremy, who emphatically states that the war is not over, and who seems to end up under a pile of rubble after being defeated in battle.