Chelle from Wild Arms XF

Chelle is a member of the Zortroa Kinship, a tribe of people who were removed from their homeland by Elesius in wars long past and now commune with monsters. She works as an aide to Piedras Blancas, who is currently the cheiftan of the Zortroa Kinship, and translates his strange murmurings into words for other parties to understand. The Zortroa Kinship are known for their skill at monster taming and Chelle is exceptional in that regard as well, often keeping a form of Trasque as her famillar in battles. She is strong willed and completely dedicated to her people and working towards getting their homeland back.

The Council of Elderly Statesmen hires the Zortroa Kinship as mercenaries to destroy Chevalet Blanc in exchange for the promised return of their former lands. This leads Chelle to meet Ragnar Blitz Lebrett, with whom she develops an odd sexual tension. Ragnar relates to the Zortroa Kinship's story of having their homes destroyed by Elesius and accuses the Zortroa of being no better than Elesius themselves if they are willing to destroy other people's homelands just to save their own. He makes repeated attempts to get through to Chelle, many of which cause her to pause and reflect on the issue, but he is not able to distract her from her goals.

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