A new town you will enter after getting Asgard as a transport and traveling across the ocean . Court Seim is a hometown of Jane and her father Nicholli , ARM Master . First time after you talk to him he will give Rudy a cartidge "Mighty Avalanche" that attacks All enemies .

Rudy `s story : About an old man Zepet ( he was like grandfather to Rudy ) . Rudy told Nicholli that Zepet learned him about life , saving others and using , controling ARM . Zepet died from a wound , Rudy was left alone . He placed his grave closest to the sky , on a hill .

Next thing you will do is enter "Epitah of Sea" where Jack will get his new technique "Axle Smash" . There you will face Boomerang for the first time and get to know him .Also you will get "Walpurgis Night" item - be ready to play a little game with lift using words like "earth" , "sky" and similar . You will see an empty chest in the last room where you face your boss Boomerang . You will get Rune Drive at the end .

Rudy with Zepet


Rudy`s past

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