A Crimson Noble is a being of supernatural abilities, and is the Wild Arms series' take on vampires.

Wild Arms 2

The Crimson Noble of Wild Arms 2 was Marivel Armitage

Wild Arms Twilight Venom

In Wild Arms TV, Mirabelle Graceland was a Crimson Noble, she and Loretta make their living stealing and interracting with Sheyenne. The English dub refers to the race as 'Noble Reds'.

Wild Arms 4

In Wild ARMs 4, Scythe, a member of Brionac, believed himself to be a Crimson Noble. However, as stated by Lambda, Scythe was a hemophile who had an urge to drink blood, eventually believing himself to be a Crimson Noble. And by sipping Belial's blood, he gained the temporary ability to control time and space.

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