Curan Abbey entrance

Curan Abbey is a town appearing in Wild Arms/Wild Arms Alter Code: F, where the character of Cecilia Adlehyde begins her journey. The Abbey is centered around the study of magic and the worship of Guardians.

Deep within the Abbey there is an infamous secret library name Sealed Library containing much lost knowledge as well as a copy of the book De Le Metalica.
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"Shaman Cecilia... Release my power from the sealed library...."

Wild Arms

A Girl in Abbey


Curan Abbey View from the map

Cecilia has been sleeping in the classroom during her last

days at Abbey when she has a dream with a shadow in the middle of a bright flashes of light:

"Can you hear my thoughts? Guardian's shaman ...

... Give me your name ... Then the contract of old will be made eleven

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The statues that hide the entrance to the Sealed Library

more ... "

These were the words of the voice she called for Cecilia referring to her as guardian's shaman, the voice warning that Filgaia will be

covered in darkness again.
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Cecília with Anje in the Alter Code F

Cecilia is awakened by one of her classmates, who comments on her strange way of being, the girl also warns that one of the teachers would like to talk to her, that she should be prepared because soon she would return to Adlehyde Talking to the other girls, Cecilia finds out about the existence of a library hidden somewhere in Abbey, the teachers say it's called the Sealed Library, and that the place can be dangerous.

Cecília receives a gift from Anje the Pocket Watch.

Talking to other staff and students, Cecilia hears a rumor that the garden statues are some kind of secret door, investigating the statues she discovers switches in her that when pressed reveal a mysterious portal.

After helping one of the girls tidy up the library books using the item she received, Cecilia finds a mysterious book that begins to talk to her.

The voice is very reminiscent of her dream.

Using the Tear Drop Cecilia can access the secret area.

The Sealed Library

Cecilia can access the hidden library using Tear Trop.

In this place find some enemies, and face the shadow inside the book.

After defeating him Cecilia wins the Water Rune and returns to Curan Abbey.

De Le Metalica

The group searches for a book called De Le Metallica, which according to Vassim is where the guardian of Illusion hides.

Mariel mentions that the book might be in a large library, but that it knows no place like that in Filgaia.

Cecilia remembers her last days at Curan Abbey, and the sealed library, and has the idea of returning to investigate, taking Jack to help her. It is when they leave for Curan Abbey to look for the book in the Sealed Library.

Eating at the Abbey

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Cecilia, talk about the routine that happened at the abbey.

During mealtime at Milama, Cecilia Adlehyde talks to Rudy Roughknight and Jack Van Burace about her mealtime routine at the abbey. She states that all the girls would gather around and chat and eat. Cecilia states that it was great.

During mealtime at Milama, Cecilia Adlehyde talks to Rudy Roughknight and Jack Van Burace about her mealtime routine at the abbey. She states that all the girls would gather around and chat and eat. Cecilia states that it was great.

Basic Spells

In Curan Abbey Cecilia has her first contact with spells through the Crest Graph. Here are listed the basic spells that can be developed.

White Magic Black Magic
Name Effect MP Name Effect MP
Shield Raises one character's defense. 2 Break Earth attack / single 4
Suction One character absorbs magic as MP 3 Slow Down Lowers response / group 3
Hide One character is temporarily invincible 5 Sleep Puts enemy to sleep / group 4
Protect Raises one character's magic defense 2 Arm. Down Lowers defense / group 3
Curse Raises encounter rate 1 Flash Lowers parry rate / group 2
Light Blow Gives character holy element when attacking 2 Flame Fire attack / single 4
Rage Raises all stats by 10%, berserks target 4 Confusion Causes confusion / group 2
Dark Blow Gives character evil element when attacking 2 Blast Physical attack / group 8
Reflect Reflects enemy spells onto caster / single 6 Valkyrie All 7 elements attack / random enemies 7
Escape Warp to entrance of dungeon 8 Silence Silences enemy group 4
Quick Raises one character's response 3 Vortex Wind attack / single 4
Air Screen Raises one character's parry rate 4 Spark Thunder attack / group 8
Revive Revives a dead character 12 Analyze Shows enemy stats 1
Awaken Party immune to Sleep for this battle 2 Dispell Removes spells cast on one enemy 3
Field Halves effect of one element / unfocused 2 Prison aralyzes enemy; one hit will kill it 6
Heal Heals one character 3 Freeze Water attack / group 4