Wild Arms 5

Dean Stark
Dean Stark

Wild Arms 5


Capo Bronco


Initially: Black Fenrir (Shovel)
Post-Celestial Peak: Twin Fenrir (ARM)










Meticulous details

Voice Actor (JP)

Hiro Shimono

Voice Actor (ENG)

Yuri Lowenthal

"Nothing's impossible as long as you don't give up!"
— Dean Stark, many many times

Dean Stark is a fictional character who appeared in Playstation 2's game Wild Arms 5 and is the main protagonist of the story and a teenage boy who wishes to be a Golem Hunter. He is known to be naive, but his idealism influences the other characters. Dean fights with a pair of ARMS as well; He is Voiced by: Hiro Shimono (Japanese) Yuri Lowenthal (English)

Special Ability: Doubles the damage of all critical attacks

As noted, his special ability has Dean preset as a major offensive unit - this can be bolstered with the Luck Medium and various badges. Generally speaking, he is very well balanced and can handle just about any situation. Furthermore, once equipped with the secret - Nine Lives armor - he can blaze through much of the early game without any assistance whatsoever on top of making him look like Lord Blazer.

Official Site Bio

He's lived in a provincial town all his life, and is fascinated by golems. His dream is to become a golem hunter and idolizes the top golem hunter, Nightburn. A bit immature for his age and pursues lofty boyish dreams. His best friend since childhood, Rebecca, keeps him in line with her quick wit, but Dean's more of a dreamer (too much so at times). It may appear as though Rebecca's constantly frustrated with Dean, trying to talk some sense into him, but they actually get along well. Dean's signature punchline is: "You can do anything as long as you don't give up!"

Art of Wild Arms Bio

The young hero of Wild Arms 5, now the vanguard of Filgaia. Grew up in the village of Capo Bronco, dreaming of becoming a Golem Hunter. His love for golems continues unabated... even when they try to kill him.

Cameo Costumes

In Wild Arms 5, Dean can adopt several different outfits depending upon the armor he has worn. Three of these outfits are based on the character designs from other Wild Arms games.

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