Cecilia entering the Demons Lab.

Wild Arms

One of Alhazad's labs, located on an island on the Outer Sea. Equipped with high technology, its computers hold information about the demons' invasion. Most notably, the invention of the Darkness Tear and the imminent revival of Ka Dingel. The information also shows the Gate Generator, responsible for the attack on Adlehyde, reloading for attack. 

Lady Harken is tasked with protecting the Darkness Tear. In a cutscene, it is shown that she is beginning to weaken as a demon entity, showing human emotions for Jack Van Burace, failing to remember him. Alhazad suggests this is a failure of the body to reject the consciousness. Harken rebuts Alhazad and his creepy advances here. She fights Cecilia, Jack and Rudy to protect the Darkness Tear, explaining that it is a fake and is producing the violent shivers in the real Tear Drop. She goes on to explain it is the antithesis for life, in stark contrast to the life producing Tear Drop Cecilia posesses. Harken battles and loses to the trio, and for the first time, remorphs back into Elmina. Jack suddenly realises he still has a chance to protect Elmina, but doesn't let on to the others his past with her. Alhazad instantly takes Harken and the Darkness Tear away to the Pandemonium dungeon for safer keeping.

Following this defeat, Zeikfried attacks the trio, and brings them to his Gate Generator.


  • Galgancher
  • Witch Doctor
  • Garum
  • Prisoner
  • Stoker


  • Lady Harken

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