Diablo in Alter Code: F

Diablo is a Golem who appeared in the Wild Arms game series and his remake Wild Arms Alter Code: F, he is also known by his code name Crimson Wind

Wild Arms

During the festivities of the Ruins Festival that takes place in Adlehyde, Diablo is presented during the exhibition, at his booth he is described as the powerful Golem, flame thrower for close combat, tough but agile armor, good hand to hand abilities, nicknamed The Crimson Wind, Found in excavations in Arctica

Height: 59 Feet

Weight: 160 Tons

After being robbed by the demons during the attack on Adlehyde on the day of the Ruins Festival, he remains without appearing most of the time, eventually he will be faced in Pandemonium, during the passage of Rudy, Jack and Cecilia by the site.


HP Experience Gella Drops Weak
25000 12000 7000 None ?
Attack Description
Basic Attack Hits 1100 damage
Spells Rolling Attack, Flame Shooter, Crimson Storm

Wild Arms Alter Code: F

Diablo is the Land-Battle Golem, Roaring Metal. It's a Fearfully powerful Plasma-Energy-Emission device, with destructive revolving arm, and heavily fortified armor.