Cecilia, Jack and Rudy finding the Ocean Guardian, Lucadia.

The lair of the Ocean Guardian, Lucadia. Cecilia is called here following a tip off by Mayor Hernandez of Rosetta Town. This dungeon is very Cecilia oriented, as you can collect many Crest Graphs, new wands, new armour and a Vase (which produces and endless supply of water) for Cecilia alone. Finally, the trio meet Lucadia, who warns them of the Quarter Knights visions to shatter the LayLine of the Guardians. With the LayLine shattered, the Guardians will be unable to hold back Demon influences, and Zeikfried will be able to take over the planet. Lady Harken is fought for the first time here, and Jack takes an extreme interest in her. After defeating Harken, Jack discovers a fast draw hint for Guilty Blade. After you leave here, you cannot return, so make sure to get the Vase!


  • Aqualeaper
  • Deepones
  • Naga


  • Lady Harken

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