Edna Warren

Edna Warren is a major antagonist in Wild Arms XF.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 5'5"


As a member of the Council of Elder Statesmen and the Head Abbot of the Church of Elesius, Edna wields a great deal of power in the kingdom. Unfortunately for the citizens of the kingdom, she uses her power solely for her own enrichment. Although Edna is a greedy, heartless, power-hungry monster capable of vicious acts of cruelty and violence, she is very much a coward and will run away at the first hint of danger. Also, like Rupert, she will gladly turn on her allies should it be in her best interest. It is Edna who is responsible for the supposed "death" of Princess Alexia, though the girl survives the landslide and is taken prisoner.

Edna is also very condescending to most everyone in the council, though most of her ire seems to be directed at Katrina. She also often attempts to condescend and berate her fellow councilman Charlton Blunt, but these attempts fail to faze him. Later, after the Rite that causes the Guardian of Fear to enter Katrina's body, she attempts to kill the girl, but her assassination attempt is foiled, and is coerced into helping Katrina get a buzz out of people's fear.

After the capital is retaken by Chevalet Blanc and Elesius' people freed from the Councilmen's tyranny, she flees with Charlton and Katrina to try and form their own capital, hiding out within the Schnell Ruins. Here, Charlton eventually loses his patience with Edna's cowardice and savagely berates her. When he leaves, Katrina informs her that Charlton was feeling as much fear as she was, giving Edna the idea to betray him by cutting several pages out of his necromancy book. After this, she leaves him to his own undead minions along with the resistance group.

A week later, as the dimensional gap Weisheit created is threatening to destroy all of Filgaia, Edna is preparing to leave Elesius after having plundered what remained of the treasury and had planned to reestablish herself back into power, but these plans would not come to fruition. During her leave, her escorts fell victim to the heavily injured Death Merchant, who uses his ARM to transfer himself into her body, which likely crushes her will and soul.

Later on, the possessed Katrina runs into Weisheit in Edna's body at Silver Peaks, and she swiftly obliterates both him and Edna's body in one fell swoop.

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