Game Wild Arms 5
Weapon PALB_3106 Power Gloves
Gender Male
Age ???
Height 7'3"
Race Veruni
Voice Actor (JP) Daisuke Gouri
Voice Actor (ENG)

Elvis is one of the main antagonists of Wild Arms 5, and one of the Four Sentinels. Despite being in league with Volsung and his cronies, Elvis is in no way malicious, and is far more interested in his research than in the current political events. A very physically strong individual with a mind to match. Prior to the story line he often travelled with Carol Anderson, a young girl he found and took under his wing. Just like the rest of the Veruni Radicals, he has a leitmotif named after him and his arm, "Elvis PALB_3106" which plays during battles and cutscenes he features in.

Wild Arms 5

Wild Arms 5 Bio

One of the Four Sentinels. His vast knowledge in history has earned him the respect of Volsung and a spot in the highest ranks among the Veruni. Often referred to as the Professor, he lives at his own pace and it's not uncommon for him even to ignore Volsung at times.

Wild Arms 5 Manual

Dedicated to the pursuit of any and all knowledge of Filgaia and is truly respected by many. He looks intimidating due to his muscular physique, but has the tendency to speak like a young, spoiled child when excited.

Mythological References

While at first glance this might be a reference to Elvis Presley it is actually a reference to the Norse God Alviss, which the name Elvis is derived from. Alviss was a dwarf who fell in love with Thor's daughter Thrud (Thrúd). Thor did not approve of their love due to his small height and lack of strength and said Alviss must prove his wisdom through a series of tests. Alviss agreed to Thor's tests but was in the end tricked, as the tests lasted into the morning and dwarves were petrified by sunlight. Elvis of Wild Arms 5 is an inversion of Alviss, as he is tall and athletic and while intelligent, quite eccentric. Rather than being in love with someone's daughter, his own adopted daughter Carol declares her love for Dean Stark and challenges Elvis to a test of strength for his blessing. (Carol's declaration of love is more of a ruse; as what she actually seeks is Elvis to acknowledge her independence.)