The firts Elw Pyramid in the original game

The Elw Pyramids (Also known as the Elw's Shrines), is an ancient structure built by the Elw.

They were made to act as teleporters between two places. They are said to be connected to the Guardians' power.

Wild Arms

Elw Teleport

Jack and Cecilia return to Baskar and get the Kizim Fire, item needed to re-activate the teleportation run created by the Elws.

Elw pyramids are not just a teleportation system, but they also hold valuable items, locked in rooms with special doors that require the Duplicator key to be accessed.

There are some temples scattered throughout Filgaia and they connect various regions of the vast continent.

There is also a secret teleportation system that only the last Elw in Filgaia, Mariel has hidden access in Forest Mound. He is used to help Rudy who ends up being injured at any given time.

The Abyss

The Abyss is a place that holds the strongest monsters in all Filgaia. The Pyramid Elw can also be used to access his secret location.

Accessible often through unconventional means, such as the Elw Pyramids malfunctioning after Rudy used the Power Glove to destabilize the teleportation system of the pyramids, causing an on-site crash, allowing access to the secret area.