Emma Hetfield from Wild Arms: Alter Code F.

Wild Arms

  • Class: ARMs Meister / Scientist
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 5'6" / 167cm
  • Weapon: Punchy Gun
  • Tools (Original): None
  • Tools (Alter Code F): None

Wild Arms

Emma was once a pupil of Zepet Roughknight and has learned how to rebuild and repair ancient technology such as ARMS. As such, she considers herself an older sister to Rudy, once she learns who he is. It is Emma's request for help in Adlehyde that brings the party together as they clear out Lolitha's Coffin.

Afterwards, Emma primarily serves to give missions which ultimately improve vehicles and move the plot forward. In Alter Code: F, she can be permanently recruited as a party member near the end of the game (once you find her secret laboratory), where her Download ability allows her to copy the magic powers of enemy monsters, similar to Marivel's Red Magic skill from Wild Arms 2. In that version of the story, she declares her intent for her ultimate invention: peace.

Wild Arms Alter Code Biography

Emma is a beautiful doctor and is quite skilled in manipulating ARM technology. She is currently living in the castle town of Adlehyde and is excavating a ruin called "Lolitha's Coffin".

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Rising Screenwriter"

A doctor who is doing research on golem and ARM technology. Lives in the castle town of Adlehyde.

Wild Arms 2

An comedic homage is given to Emma when the items are gathered by ARMs to create the EMMA motor (originally made by Emma in Wild Arms).

Marivel: And don't think anything silly like it got its name from someone named Emma.

Lilka: No? I thought so...

Wild Arms 5

Emma appears sipping tea and laments her ability to become a scientist. Through the actions of the party, she becomes inspired to find a new career in screenwriting.

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