Ethelda Maverick is the mother of Jude Maverick, and apparent wife of Hauser Blackwell. She and the rest of the villagers of Ciel were a part of a group of scientists (referred to as heretical engineers or "Black Artists") working for the Global Union developing ARMs, including Jude's ARM "Shapeshifter" and "The Divine Weapon" as a means of restoring Filgaia's environment after the effects of war. The scientists created the orbital platform Ciel Shelter as a means of escaping the military, and she is living on Ciel with her son Jude Maverick and the other scientists at the very beginning of the game. Due to the inadvertent use of ARMs during Brionac's invasion, however, she gets separated from her son, who then makes finding her his primary quest. Soon after their escape from a falling Ciel Shelter, Brionac finds the pod that she and a few other villagers took and intercepts them while they are floating in the middle of the sea. Brionac holds her group to the Silver Star Express intending to escort them to Garra de Leon and deliver hem to the High Council.[1]

Jude is finally reunited with his mother at Garra de Leon, where she states her intention to put a stop to the Divine Weapon that Lambda Zellweger intends to use. They make their escape, only for him to look back just in time to witness her perish as the craft that she and the other villagers are riding in bursts into flames. After spending some time in mourning, Jude decides to honor her wish and go to Illsveil to save Filgaia from the Divine Weapon in her stead. After the final battle, Jude returns to Halim to create graves for her and everyone who died trying to create a future for the next generation.


  1. (Area 12 of the Eulalia) "By utilizing a minesweeper boat, we were able to secure several of the heretic engineers (aka Black Arists) at the SE 1780P crash site. They're currently being held at Brionac base. Special arrangements were made to run the Silver Star Express, so please check on the condition of the tracks leading to Garra de Leon. Captain Lambda himself will be personally handling the escort of the prisoners, since the delivery of the heretic engineers to the high Council is a task of utmost importance."