The Faluna Bible

The Faluna Bible is an ancient book that plays an important part in the plot of the fourth episode of the Wild Arms Twilight Venom anime series, The Faluna Bible. The book supposedly holds secrets about science and technology that have otherwise been forgotten by time. The Faluna Bible managed to escape being burned during The War of Jiado and made its way to Libra where Libra's chief would hold onto it and would pass it down to the next chief of Libra, and so on. Over an untold period of time many came to Libra in order to find it in hopes of learning its secrets.

Six months before the start of the episode "The Faluna Bible", Bado, was attacked by robed figures who infiltrated Libra by killing and replacing six Libra librarians. They had a monster with them and threatened Bado's life if he did not reveal the location of The Faluna Bible. Bado, in a bind, set fire to the library, as he knew that was the monster's weakness and was the only way he could think of saving his own life as well as the Faluna Bible. This lead to Bado being held as a criminal as it is against the law for monks to burn books in Libra. Six months later, while the investigation is underway, Loretta Oratorio, Mirabelle Graceland, and Jerusha come looking for the Faluna Bible as they read about it in the Treasure Encyclopedia. At the same time Sheyenne Rainstorm, Kiel Aronnax, and Issac are also drawn to Libra over rumors of an unidentified body.

It turns out the Faluna Bible was being kept hidden on Bado's body at all times. The charred body in question is reanimated and turns out to be the same monster that attacked six months earlier. Bado lures the monster out of the library by flailing the Faluna Bible in front of it and tries to run as far from the library as possible. The monster takes a swipe at Bado with one of his blade-like arms and causes Bado to toss the Faluna Bible into the air where it gets impaled on one of the monster's arms. Sheyenne remembers Bado saying the monster was weak against fire and gets Loretta to cast a fire card in the monster's direction and shoots the card just as she detonates the card, creating a fire arrow that envelopes the monster. The monster burns to ashes and the Faluna Bible and whatever secrets it might have contained burn along with it.

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