Game Wild Arms 5
Weapon RYGS_5013 "Blade of Heaven" ARM Blade
Gender Male
Age 24
Race Veruni
Height 5'11"
Voice Actor (JP) Jin Yamanoi
Voice Actor (ENG) Kirk Thorton

Fereydoon Rygs is one of the main antagonists of Wild Arms 5, a member of Radical Faction of Veruni. He is a member of the Rygs family and the grandson of Lady Diana, whose mansion is situated in the town of Twelbit. During the story, Chuck's childhood friend Lucille is forced to work as a maid for his household, and he grows close to her. He eventually finds his loyalty to Volsung tested when Volsung's actions become increasingly rogue and violent. He develops a rivalry with Chuck, especially concerning their respective relationships to Lucille. He has a leitmotif, "Fariedone RYGS 5013"; one version plays during cutscenes he appears in, and another plays during the party's battles with him. At the climax of the story, he is the boss guarding TF System: Tower G.

Wild Arms 5 Bio

One of the Four Sentinels. A truly loyal subordinate to Volsung, he ranks second in command. He practices absolute adherence to regulations and revels in the pride of being a soldier. A very serious military figure that is respected and trusted by his subordinates.

Wild Arms 5 Manual

Volsung's faithful subordinate. The leader of the Four Sentinels and second in command of the Veruni Radical faction. Scrupulously obeys orders and takes pride in being a soldier above all else.

Mythological Reference

Fereydoon is from Persian mythology. In this mythology Fereydoon was the loyal second in command to the heroic Kaveh the Blacksmith who started an uprising against the demonic tyrant Zahhak. Working together, the two of them managed to bring down the despot leader and Fereydoon became the new King, ruling for 500 years of prosperity before handing his position to his three sons. The Fereydoon of the Wild Arms Universe is somewhat of an inversion of his origin, as instead of being second in command to a heroic rebel, he serves the evil tyrant.

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