Gallows Carradine is a character from Wild ARMs 3 from a tribe known as the Baskar. He seeks to escape his priesthood by obtaining the ARK scepter before meeting Virginia Maxwell, Jet Enduro and Clive Winslett.

Wild Arms 3 Bio

"The Man Who Makes Freedom His Policy"

A youth from the Baskar tribe, who are devotees of the Guardians. Gallows carries the bloodline of the priesthood, but he escaped his destiny by running away from his village. His personality is cheerful and optimistic.

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Guitar-Strumming Youth"

An easy-going Baskar with a thing for the ladies. Not only does he have high HP, but he's also the best magic user in the party. Though from the outside he looks to be the typical fighter...

Wild Arms 5

Gallows is a field researcher for the Baskar who is known for his passive style. It is he who researches the nature of alternate dimensions and outright states that all the Wild Arms universes are happening, somewhat, and that they're a reality nexus similar to Earth. Gallows is also instrumental for a handful of side-quests. He will show as a Guitar Playing Man though.


Gallows Carradine

Wild Arms 3


Baskar Colony


Modified Coyote M17F


Zoa Priest







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