Garra de Leon is a dungeon in Wild Arms 4. The ship is Brionac's headquarters, where the CABAL are stationed and call the shots from. Jude Maverick's party infiltrates in order to rescue Yulie Ahtreide. The party is temporarily joined by Kresnik Ahtreide, Yulie's older brother, as he aids in the rescue of his sister after realizing that her life is truly in danger. The party has a battle with Commander Tony, who has been demoted to Third Class Pilot. The dungeon becomes inaccessible after completing it and disappears from the World Map upon completion. There are no treasure chests to be opened here that count towards opening the Black Box. "Garra de Leon" is French for "lion's claw" or, more fittingly, "the lion's clutches". The BGM that plays throughout this dungeon is initially Perilous Change, but it switches to Taking the Name of Exorcist (Disc 3, Track 9) after defeating Third Class Pilot Tony.

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