Many optical illusions here , so try to concentrate .

Items :

  • Reveive Fruit
  • Light Gem x5
  • Nectar
  • Potion Berries
  • MP Up 1 [Skill]
  • Gimel Coin
  • Gella Card
  • Witch Ep 3
  • Lucky Card

Wire Hook - item u get for Jack that can take you to another side of a building ...

Boss - 2x Gigamantis

After defeating them you will get powers of a Flash Guardian [Flash Hit] .Also yo


u will get Anna`s Bracelet and HP Up 2 Skill . Now report back mission to the person you got it from in Ship Graveyard - Dan , he will reward you with a new technique [Fast Draw] for Jack - Acute Angle (Lowers enemy`s defense) .

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