Laila 01
  • Race: Gene Driver
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 24
  • Voice Actor: Michelle Ruff (English), Kaori Asou (Japanese)
  • Weapon: Terran ARMs, Twilight Venom

Twilight Venom

Three years before the events of the series, Gina Angel was the lover of Sheyenne Rainstorm. Sheyenne, however, was still very much a reckless womanizer which often drove Gina into fits of jealous rage. After Sheynne was victorious in a gun duel, Gina used an ARM to shoot and apparently kill Sheyenne. In her grief and rage, she accidentally triggered Faluna's Twilight Venom system. This destroyed the town of Paskiarka, leaving many dead.

With Twilight Venom's activation, ROOF was awakened to the renewed presence of their "goddess", Laila. As Sheyenne returned to his hometown in his new, artificial body and met up with is former love again, ROOF seized her. In the showdown between Sheyenne and ROOF, Gina was apparently killed, devastating Sheyenne.

Gina, however, would live. Once her body was reclaimed, ROOF set about instilling false memories into her to recreate her into their "Goddess" directly. Now named "Laila Lai", she would enter bouts of seeming insanity and amnesia. This version of Gina was rescued by Sheyenne and Golgol Thirty in an accidental encounter. Unfortunately, ROOF's programming won out and Gina, as Laila, returned to ROOF as their leader.

Driven by obsessive desire, strong enough to attract Lucied, Gina sought to reunite Sheyenne's mind with his body (which was reprogrammed as Keanu Fallwind). When the truth of Laila Margaret was finally revealed upon Keanu's death, the false memories of "Laila Lai" were shattered and Gina's true memories and personality reasserted themselves.

After some years from the end of the series, Sheyenne, now an adult in his new body, returns to Paskiarka be with Gina, giving them both a much-deserved happy ending.

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