The Global Union was the political party in-power who had totalitarian rule over Wild Arms 4's version of Filgaia, and the opposing force of the 78-year world war against the Congressional Knights. Ironically enough, despite the length of the war and the harshness of the warfare that ended up devastating the planet, the Global Union ultimately fell due to internal conflict. Hauser Blackwell was a soldier known to have fought for the Global Union's side and was known as a war hero. However, with the Congressional Knights emerging victorious, he had been judged as a war criminal and sentenced to over 4000 years of prison, remaining at large. Other former war heroes just like Hauser were named during the Celesti Ruins dungeon (being listed off by Arnaud Vasquez in exposition), such as Giancana, the "Soldier Prince" and Granada the "Living Bomb" who were sent to Illsveil Prison.

The villagers of Ciel Shelter, including Jude Maverick's mother and Hauser's lover Ethelda Maverick, were a group of scientists working for the Union known as "Black Artists"[1], who originally engineered ARMs for the purpose of reinvigorating the planet that was damaged during wartime.


  1. Mentioned in a bit of dialogue on the Eulalia