Golems are automatons built by intelligent creatures. Their appearance and function varies throughout the Wild Arms series.

Wild Arms

The Golems are eight giant machines, designed by the Elw to be the ultimate weapons against the Demons. Each is associated with one of the eight attributes: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, Thunder, and Ice. Since they are not human, they can be either good or evil, depending on who controls them. They were good, evil fighting machines in partnership with the Elw and Humans 1,000 years ago, but since the Demons stole many of the dormant Golems and re-activated them following the attack on Adlehyde, all Golems (except for Asgard) are on the side of the Demons.

Note: Golems with a (?) next to their information are guesses based on their abilities, attacks, and situations. They may be incorrect.



Health: 42500\MP: 0 (?)\EXP: 24000\Gella: 3890\Attribute: Wind



Health: 40000\MP: Unknown\EXP: 21900\Gella: 8500\Attribute: Thunder

  • Diablo:


Health: 25000\MP: 0 (?)\EXP: 12000\Gella: 7000\Attribute: Fire

  • Asgard also known as the "Earth Golem":

Health: N/A\MP: N/A\EXP: N/A\Gella: N/A\Attribute: Earth

Note: These statistics cannot be listed because the Earth Golem is not a battle, it is a vehicle that you can use to travel over land and shallow water.



Health: 55000\MP: 0 (?)\EXP: 30000\Gella: 8000\Attribute: Water

  • Lolithia:


Health: 15000\MP: 0\EXP: 6300\Gella: 5500\Attribute: Ice

  • Lucifer:


Health: 55000\MP: 0\EXP: 45000\Gella: 10000\Attribute: Light

  • Sado:


Health: 50000\MP: 0\EXP: 33000\Gella: 9000\Attribute: Dark

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