The Grauswein Device is a product of ancient technology and a weapon of mass destruction. It has a main generator and is powered by six smaller generators arranged in the shape of a hexagon. The Grauswein Device itself is not an explosive in of itself but when activated it will summon an explosive object to the area the device is located at after a period of charging up. In Chapter 2-6 of Wild Arms XF, in which Chevalet Blanc is in the process of storming the capital city Elensia, they find that the Council of Elder Statesmen have activated a Grauswein Device capable of destroying an entire civilian area. This device was provided to the Council by Weisheit the Death Merchant. In Chapter 2-6 the player has 60 turns in which to destroy the six mini-generators to stop the summoning process. After this battle the party retreats with King Hrathnir in their ranks but without the core generator of the Grauswein Device itself being destroyed. This happens in Chapter 2-8 when Clarissa shoots a bag of Slayheim Grenades the King is holding near the generator. The explosion destroys both the Grauswein Device and the king.

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