Greg Russelberg
Greg Russellberg
Game Wild Arms 5
Class Pathetic Revenger
Weapon Dark Silhouette (ARM)
Gender Male
Age 34
Race Human
Height 5'10"
Voice Actor (JP) Tomoyuki Shimura
Voice Actor (ENG) Patrick Seitz

Greg Russelberg is one of the main playable characters in Wild Arms 5. He is a wanted man with a bounty on his head for the destruction of Golems across Filgaia, earning him the moniker "Greg the Golem Crusher". He lived an ordinary life in Gounon with his wife Mary and their 5-year-old son Ted until the day when they were murdered in front of him and he was framed for it. His ARM is a large gun with a light saber inside of it.


Wild Arms 5 manual bio

A 'Golem Crusher' who destroys golems, looking to find the man who killed his family. Greg fights with a combination sword/shotgun.

Official Site Bio

Known by Golem Hunters as the "Golem Crusher", Greg is a tough and somewhat reserved man, obsessively pursuing the man responsible for his family's death. He seeks out golems and destroys them, hoping to draw out his ultimate target... "A man with a golem's arm."

Art of Wild Arms Bio

An infamous Golem Crusher, with a price on his head and Golem Hunters on his tail. He lives only for revenge on the one who destroyed his own life... A man with a golem's arm.


Considering Greg's ability, he is optimally set up as a team shield. His naturally high defense and endurance will leave him as the last man standing more often than not; as such the most ideal medium for him is the Moon - furthering his resistances, and giving the ability to turn battles in defensive favor. Players should also consider the fact that he has extreme raw damage dealing potential coupled with his turtling ability.

Cameo Costumes

In Wild Arms 5, Greg can adopt several different outfits depending upon the armor he has worn. Two of these outfits are based on the character designs from other Wild Arms games.

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