Jeremy Non from Wild Arms 4

Wild Arms 4

  • Age: 28
  • Weapon: Gatling Vulcan Chain-Launcher ARM
  • Voice Actor (US): Sam Riegel

"Vulcan Vulcan? Everything's Vulcan!"
— Sam Reigel (as Jeremy Non) in a Wild Arms 4 outtake

The most uncontrollable of the Brionac Forces, Jeremy lives for the destruction caused by battle. He is reckless and only sees his orders as an excuse to attack someone or something. He immediately sets out to attack Yulie Ahtreide and pointedly ignores his orders to take her alive, pushing his adversarial relationship with Brionac's Kresnik Ahtreide to a boil.

Jeremy may also be a Gene Driver, though it's unclear if he's a natural one, or if he has been enchanced by the same sorts of experiments which were put onto Yulie and Kresnik. (His insanity may actually be caused by being the subject of experiments in much the same way as Yulie.)

Later in the game, he is sent to Illsveil for attempting to kill Yulie, and mutates into a Wild ARM. He then escapes from the island and attacks the gang at Port Rosalia, and would have finished them if not for Kresnik. The team then finishes him once and for all.

Wild Arms 4 Web-Page Bio

Codename: Inertial Canceller

A Brionac Lieutenant who is fueld by violence and destruction. He wields a rapid-fire missile launcher with his bre hands. Although it would be impossible for a normal human to withstand the recoil, his special ability "Interial Canceller" allows him to do this.

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