Jarusha Isaac 01-1
Series Wild Arms TV
Debut S01E01 Sleeping Dirty
Japan Voice Rikako Aikawa
U.S. Voice Philece Sampler

Jerusha is an ancient pink Popepi Pipepo from the Wild Arms Twilight Venom anime; Her cute mouse-like form belies the fact she's over 6000 years old. At some point Jerusha met Loretta Oratorio and Mirabelle Graceland and decided to travel on their adventures with them, occasionally dispensing mature wisdom -- and occasionally just rolling her eyes at her young companions. Jerusha has had six previous husbands and runs into her most recent ex-husband, Issac who is travelling with Sheyenne Rainstorm. Jerusha and Issac are prone to bicker with one another but sometimes manage to maintain a civil friendship.

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