Jet Enduro
Jet Enduro
Game Wild Arms 3
Weapon Airget-Lamh B/V2 (Machine Pistol)
Tools Boomerang, Radar, Radical Sneakers
Force Abilities Accelerator, Gatling, Summon
Gender Male
Age ???
Race Android
Voice Actor (JP) Akira Ishida (Drama CD)

Jet Enduro is one of the main characters of Wild Arms 3, a treasure hunter. After a train job takes an unexpected turn, he finds himself teamed up with Virginia Maxwell, Clive Winslett and Gallows Carradine. Jet is a loner and drifter, seemingly cold and unemotional. In many ways, he's the 'silent protagonist' of the story, focusing most on the needs of the day. He's practical, to a fault, and seems almost mercernarial in his behavior. His coldness is due to his lack of attachments to others, and lack of memories about his own past. The only thing he does know is that he was taken care of by Werner Maxwell, Virginia's father, and he's the one who teaches Jet to survive in the wasteland. This relationship somewhat complicates developing feelings between the two, though Jet finds her annoying throughout most the story. Jet's character arc of the story is to learn about his past, and what exactly his connection to Filgaia's state of decay really is.

Wild Arms 3 Bio

"The Rebellious Treasure Hunter"

Nothing pleases Jet more than priceless treasures (and peaches). He is a lone wolf drifter not used to accepting help or the company of others. He is cold-blooded and has the potential to do anything to get his way.

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Rascally Youth"

A closed-mouthed boy of unknown age who lacks memories of the past, though he does remember his mentor, Virigina's Father. Why does he not remember?

Wild Arms 3


"Jet Enduro––a Drifter who makes a living as a treasure hunter. But that's not all... He's an outlaw willing to face danger, and won't hesitate to stoop low in order to earn his daily bread. Living for the moment, what is it that he truly seeks? Could the answer be found within these ruins?"
— Jet's prologue

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

The party travels to Deus Ex Machina, where it is revealed by Leehalt Alcaste that Jet is actually an android named Adam Kadmon created by a member of the Council of Seven named Elliot Enduro.

Chapter 4

Wild Arms 5

Jet appears in Honesyday running an 'egg errand', which he has the party do instead. He also seems to have a sort of comical addiction to peaches...

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