Ka Dingel is a dungeon appearing in the Wild Arms series.

Wild Arms

Tower with a dimensional teleporter leading to Malduke. Sealed by the Guardians 1,000 years ago after the Demon War, but surfaced again by the Metal Demons' efforts. Zeikfried was able to discover the location of Ka Dingel following an attack on Filgaia using Lady Harken and the Darkness Tear. The Layline was destroyed, unlocking Ka Dingel and bringing it back to the surface. It was destroyed after the final battle.


  • Bafomet
  • Bloodhorn
  • Fafneil
  • Hazenberg
  • Sworkassi
  • Willowisp


Wild Arms 3


In this game, Ka Dingel is the dungeon, in which Janus gets the demon spear Glumzamber. It contains bosses such as Trask.

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