Wild arms 2 profile kanon
Game Wild Arms 2
Area Found in Quartly
Weapon Dagger
  • Class: Bounty Hunter
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Tools: Wire Hook, Rad Blades, Jump Boots

Wild Arms 2



Kanon (Japanese: カノン), or Aisha Bernadette (Japanese: アイシャ・ベルナデット), is a supporting character from Wild Arms 2, and probably the darkest character in all of the Wild Arms games. She is a direct descendant of the Sword Magess and longs to fulfill that destiny. Unfortunately, her side of the family has fallen into devastating times. Her mother sexually sold herself to various noblemen to make ends meet, damaging the family's reputation even further. Only the stories of the Sword Magess kept Aisha going, and Aisha grew more and more determined to follow in the legend's footsteps.

At some point later in her childhood, her home was attacked and destroyed by monsters. The attack killed her mother, and left Aisha with a broken body. She was somehow able to receive a number of cybernetic implants to replace the ruined limbs, and recreated herself into the persona of 'Kanon'. Kanon then went out hunting demons, developing a reputation as a ruthlessly efficient demon hunter. Unfortunately, she targets Lord Blazer, the demon which resides in Ashley Winchester.

After repeated defeats, Ashley asks Kanon to join their group, promising her the task of eliminating Lord Blazer (by killing Ashley) if the moment ever arrives that Ashley cannot control the demon influence any longer. When the moment does arrive, however,

she cannot fulfill the request, due to her newfound feelings of friendship and camaraderie with the other members of ARMs.

Wild Arms 2 Biography

Kanon is a female warrior with her eye on Ashley. Known as a "Merc", she is a bounty hunter who wanders the land.

Art of Wild Arms Bio

"Crimson Warrioress"

A descendant of the Sword Magess, with a body made of bionic parts and a mind determined to fulfill her destiny.

Wild Arms 5

Kanon appears, without her cybernetic gear, as the "Crimson Warrior" in the Cavam Valley Train Station. She claims that she's recovering from serious injuries and has put her own adventuring career on hold. She then tasks the party to hunt down all the Sol Nigers that are infecting the land.

Wild Arms: Twilight Venom

Kanon, spelled as "Kannon", appears as a completely different character in the later part of the series. Here, she is without her cybernetic gear, is a leader of an all-female gang of thieves, and hopelessly infatuated with a doctor taking care of a group of orphans.