Asoh Kaori

Kaori Asoh (麻生 かほ里, Asō Kaori, born June 26, 1967 in Tokyo) is a Japanese actress and seiyū (voice actress). She is a singer and a composer, and has sang for the Wild Arms series of video games starting from Wild Arms 2 and ending at Wild Arms 4. Originally, she was an actor, and during that time, she had voiced Laila Lai in Wild Arms Twilight Venom and Maya Schröedinger in the Wild Arms 3 Drama CD. She provided vocals for the following songs:

You'll Never Be Alone
The Night Sky
Resistance Line
Advanced Wind
Only the Night Sky Knows
Sky High!! Sky Fly!!
I Look Up At The Sky Because You Are There
As Time Goes By ~ Never Forget Me
Alone the world
Windward Birds

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