Game Wild Arms 5
Weapon ASGX_7135 Golem Arm
Gender Male
Age 29
Race Veruni
Height 6'10"
Voice Actor (JP) Yutaka Aoyama
Voice Actor (ENG) Dave Wittenberg

Kartikeya is one of the main antagonists from Wild Arms 5, and one of the Four Sentinels of the Radical Veruni Faction. A mass murderer and a psychopath, Kartikeya is the man responsible for the murder of Greg Russelberg's wife and child years prior to the events of the game. His left arm has been replaced with a Golem arm, and this one characteristic that Greg is able to remember and identify him by when he goes on his crusade to avenge his family and clear his name. Despite being wild and uncontrollable, Kartikeya takes orders from Volsung because, according to him, Volsung is the only one who could scare him. It could be implied that Volsung was the one that took Kartikeya's original arm. Kartikeya has a leitmotif, "Kartikeya ASGX 7135", that plays during cutscenes he appears in, and a metal version of it that plays during battles with him.

Wild Arms 5

Kartikeya makes his first appearance when Volsung and his group are mutinying and take over the Black Box by force. When Greg finally catches up to and confronts him in Harmonde, he's in the middle of an act of terrorism, and barely remembers Greg among his many victims. He almost kills Greg, but lets him off with his life a second time. Kartikeya later uses Greg's desire for revenge to lure Dean Stark's party into a trap and help the Radical faction of Veruni capture Avril Vent Fleur. Greg and Kartikeya have their final showdown at TF System Tower: F, where Kartikeya ends up committing suicide in a failed attempt to torment Greg further.

Wild Arms 5 Bio

One of the Four Sentinels. He loves combat more than anything, and he actually feels ecstatic when killing. He's a psychopath who loves chaos and doesn't care whether his victims are humans or Veruni so long as he's having fun.

Wild Arms 5 Manual

One of the Four Sentinels. He has no respect for human life or their well-being. Loves combat and destruction more than anything. Also known as "The Reaper".

Mythological References

Kartikeya is named after a Hindu god of the same name -- although he is known by other names, including Murugan -- and is the son of Shiva and Parvati (or perhaps Shakti). He is a war God born to protect his people and to destroy the demons; he is commonly depicted as having six heads, fighting with a spear, and riding a peacock. The Kartikeya of the Wild ARMs universe is perhaps an inverted version of the deity as instead of being depicted as a vanquisher of sin, he's depicted as enjoying engaging in amoral activity.