The King of Angolmois (or Angolmois) has appeared in almost every Wild Arms game. He is an optional boss in every game he appears in except Wild Arms 3, and although he is weaker than Ragu O Ragula, is still a formidable opponent.

"Angolmois" is sometimes cited as the source of the world's destruction in the works of Nostradamus and has been seen several times in pop culture.

Angolmois was noted as being more difficult to defeat than Ragu O Ragula in Wild Arms 2, due to not being weak to any status effect and its signature attack "7th Moon" packing as big a punch as Ragu O Ragula's attacks, but lacking an element that can be protected against. This is likely due to the fact that the game came out in Japan in 1999, a year it was said that the world would be destroyed.

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