KnightBlazer is the form Ashley takes when using Lord Blazer's power.  It can be achieved by using the level 4 force ability "Access".

It has a few very powerful techniques:

  • Hot Fencer- 4 FP / Single
  • Banisher- 50 FP / All

When Ashley fights Caina to rescue Marina in the [[Lost Garden], KnightBlazer form is permanently replaced by "Over KnightBlazer", a more powerful version of KnightBlazer with more attacks, gold coloration, and two swords.

Attacks are:

  • Hot Fencer- 4 FP / Single
  • Mad Luceid- 4 FP / Single (Replaces Hot Fencer when gotten)
  • Gun Blaze- 29 FP / Single
  • Banisher- 50 FP / All (Reverts Ashley to human form)
  • Last Burst- 99 FP / Single (Reverts Ashley to human form and damages Ashley)