Labyrinthia Wordsworth

  • Class: Arcanist
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 5'5"

Wild Arms XF Web Bio

She was the court magician and tutor for the royal family of Elesuis, but was forced from her position and branded a traitor. She encounters Clarissa and Felius early on in their travels and joins them on their quest and subtly encourages/pushes Clarissa to become involved in the struggles of the kingdom. She is incredibly intelligent, anthough her behavior and personality often belay that fact. As she will tell you ad infinium, "I may not look it, but I'm actually the complete package; strength, smarts, and beauty!"

Character Class: Arcanist

Labryinthia, as an Arcanist, is very powerful. While her movement range is poor, she can cross large distances with her Warp spell. What she lacks in physical power she makes up for in raw magical mastery for maximum effectiveness. Giving her spellbooks instead of her fans add more to her magic stats than her default class's fans, and as such this makes her an ideal Elementalist as well. One of the weaknesses Labyrinthia has is that she probably won't be able to get her second turn right away in order to unleash her full force on enemies, due to her poor RFX stat.

She makes the best candidate as a healer for the party, and with the Arcanist class, can create duplicates of herself with the Replica skill for distractions or to stand on pedestals, and her Lightning spell is in a category all on its own, and thus enemies with magic resistance cannot guard against it. It is recommended that she learn as many attack spells as possible, as Labyrinthia has the potential to become the most powerful magic user in the game, the second being Levin.

Original Commands

Command Description MP Cost
Lightning Lightning-elemental magic attack. Deals heavy damage to mechanical units. Cannot be used after moving. 8
Revive Revives a fallen ally. 48
Warp Warps the user to another HEX, ignoring intervening obstacles. Cannot be used after moving. 8
Replica Creates a replica of the user. 32

Personal Skills

Skill Description
Arcanist OC Allows the unit to use Arcanist Originals.
Arcanist EQ Allows the unit to equip Arcanist equipment.
Attack & AIM Down Decreases the target'sAIM parameter when attacking.
Critical Extra Turn Allows an extra turn after making a critical attack.
Distoration Nullifies all damage below a certain amount.
Magic Effect +25% Increases magic effects by 25%.
Special Skill Description
+3 Skill slots Lets Labyrinthia equip 3 extra learned skills
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