Wild Arms Twilight Venom

Ten Thousand years before the events of the series, Laila Margaret was the commander of the Terran Punitive Forces. As the Yggdrasil terraform project on Filgaia began to fail, Laila was given orders to purge the planet in order to start over. To this end, she made use of the Twilight Venom system on the dark moon Farluna to launch barrages against the population of the planet.

Despite her willingness (even eagerness) to follower her orders, her apparent vengeful streak was sharply at odds with her love and affection for the Filgaian rebel leader, Keanu Fallwind. When Keanu went to her to negotiate a cease-fire and withdrawl from Filgaia, she misinterpreted his gesture as an attempt to hide 'another woman'. Filled with rage and panic, Laila shot and killed Keanu. Dying, he revealed the truth of his intentions and affections, which only resulted into sending Laila into madness.

In a final act of desperation Laila inserted a sample of both her DNA and that of Keanu into Filgaia's leylines in a plan to reincarnate their bodies at some point in the future. The plan worked, somewhat, as they were reborn into Sheyenne Rainstorm and Gina Angel. Laila, however, preserved herself in a nannite stew and secretly led the powerful agency known as ROOF in order to keep Filgaia isolated and subservient. Her plan was to seize Gina Angel and implant her own memories into the new body in order to fufill her fantasies of ruling the world along with her long-lost love.

Laila's plans were ultimately undone with Keanu's suicide and Sheyenne's rejection of her plans. In her rage she once again activated Twilight Venom, but that system would be destroyed by Sheyenne and the most powerful form of the anti-Twilight Venom system, Bator. Laila's final fate is not actually shown, but it is believed that she allowed herself to finally die along with the last of her dreams.

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