List of ARMs Rudy Roughknight can use in Wild Arms. He start of with the Hand Cannon but later in the game you can find more ARM weapons to use. You can also upgrade the damage, hit rate and bullets at the ARMs meister. However, in the remake, Rudy only uses one ARM; cartridges are used instead of various ARMs.


  • Hand Cannon
  • Prism Laser
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Twin Orbs
  • Bazooka
  • Phazer
  • Wild Bunch
  • Arc Smash

Hand Cannon

Description: Portable / single

Location: Start

Max ATP: 99

Max Hit Rate: 99%

Max Bullets: 15

Prism Laser

Description: Laser emitter / group

Location: Cage Tower

Max ATP: 70

Max Hit Rate: 94%

Max Bullets: 15

Rocket Launcher

Description: Rocket Launcher / group

Location: Volcannon Trap

Max ATP: 250

Max Hit Rate: 89%

Max Bullets: 12

Twin Orbs

Description: Auto attack orbs / single (based on Luck)

Location: Photosphere

Max ATP: 85

Max Hit Rate: 89%

Max Bullets: 12


Description: High performance missile / group

Location: Demon Lab

Max ATP: 200

Max Hit Rate: 84%

Max Bullets: 12


Description: Phaser beam gun / single

Location: Gemini's Corpse

Max ATP: 315

Max Hit Rate: 99%

Max Bullets: 15

Wild Bunch

Description: Barnia dash attack / single

Location: Arctica Castle

Max ATP: 380

Max Hit Rate: 59%

Max Bullets: 10

Arch Smash

Description: Rolling air weapon / all

Location: Malduke

Max ATP: 470

Max Hit Rate: 84%

Max Bullets: 10

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