This is a list of items found in Wild Arms 3.


Adventure 1 - 11: 11 Seperate Key items. Allow new chapters in children's story book to be read at Clive's house.

Ambrosia: Cures all status affects and restores all HP for one target.

Andro Seal: Key item. Needed to progress through Ka Dingel.

Antidote: Cures Poison Status Effect.


Big Grab Bag: Target gains 1000 EXP.

Black Pass: Allows entry into the Black Market.

Bone: Key item.

Booster Kit: Key item. Increase ECN Gauge by 10.

Breath Mint: Cures Sleep status effect.


Call Whiste: Summons your horse to your position on the world map.

Card Key: Key item. Needed to access top floor of Ruins of Memory.

Corpse Ring: Key item. Needed to start the Gardening sub-quest.


Dark Gem: Unleashes Dark elemental attack. Single target; one use.

Dragon Fossil: Key item. These items are needed to build and upgrade the hovercraft.

Dragon Idol: Key item. Stone statue with Zephyr's power inside.

Dream Key: Key item. Used to open the last door in the final dungeon.

Duplicator: Magical key that opens sealed books, chests, and doors.


Earth Gem: Unleashes Earth elemental attack. Single target; one use.

EX File Key: Key item. Can be used to unlock various rewards at the end of the game.

Exodus Orb: Key item. Warps player to the entrance of a dungeon.


Fire Gem: Unleashes Fire elemental attack. Single target; one use.

Full Carrot: Completely fills one character's Force Gauge.


Gella Card: Earns double the amount of Gella after battle.

Gimel Coin: Lets you save (almost) anywhere and restart a battle instead of going to game over screen.

Goddess Idol: Key item. Stone statue with Raftina's power inside.

Gold License: Key item. Makes all items in shops half their regular price.

Grab Bag: Target gains 500 EXP.

Growth Egg: Permanently increase one character's MTC maximum by 1.


Heal Berry: Recovers 300 HP.


Ice Gem: Unleashes Ice elemental attack. Single target; one use.

ID Card: Key item. Grants access to terminal in Leyline Observatory.

Item Scope: Key item. Allows the player to find hidden items on the world map.


Kizim Flame: Key item. The Ark of Destiny requires this item at one point in the game.


Last Letter: Key item. Needed to find Mimir's Well.

Light Gem: Unleashes Light elemental attack. Single target; one use.

Lion Idol: Key item. Stone statue with Justine's power inside.

LVL Apple: Increases target's level by 1.


Magicleanser: Cures Bronze status effect.

Map Scope: Key item. Displays the world map for player to see.

Map Shred Key item. Needed to help find Ruins of Memory.

Medicene: Cures Disease status effect.

Mega Berry: Recovers 3000 HP.

Mini Carrot: Adds 25 FP to character's force gauge in battle.


Name Tag: Permanently Rename NPC character in front of you.

Nectar: Fully restores HP for single target.


Old Terminal: Key Item. Contains a message from Hyades.


Paperback: Key item. Has Card Key stuck inside of it.

Peppy Acorn: Cures Downhearted status effect.

Pinwheel: Cures Confusion status effect

PixieDust: Cures Paralysis status effect.

Potion Berry: Recovers 1000 HP.


Relic Coin: Functions the same as a Gimel Coin but can be used an unlimited number of times.

Revive Fruit: Revives one character with partial HP.

Right Half: Key item. The right half of an old photograph.


Seed Powder: Cures Poison status effect.

Sonar Kit: Key item. Displays undiscovered items, towns, and dungeons on map.

Suitcase: Key item. Contains Goddess Idol.


Taped Orb: Key item. The Right Half and Left Half of an old photograph taped together.

Tear Drop: Key item. Can be stolen from Siegfried.

Teleport Orb: Key item. Teleports user to a previously visited train station.

Thunder Gem: Unleashes Thunder elemental attack. Single target; one use.

Tiny Flower: Raises target's LCK by one level.

Tracker: Key item. Upgrades map system in dungeons.


Warp Star: Warps you to previously visited train station.

Water Gem: Unleashes Water elemental attack. Single target; one use.

Wind Gem: Unleashes Wind elemental attack. Single target; one use.

Wolf Idol: Key item. Stone statue with Luceid's power inside.

World Screen: Key item. Allows player to look at map while on the world map.

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